Shortening or eliminating the need for car journeys has been one of the principal objectives of the development. The only vehicles able to travel through the site will be public buses. All cars and commercial vehicles will enter and leave by Tom Benson Way.

The bus service will include Preston Orbital buses, which will put Cottam Hall, the Lancaster Canal and Preston Sports Arena in easy reach of many other parts of Preston for shopping, work and leisure.

For residents, both of Cottam Hall and adjacent areas, the main household shopping will be accessible by foot, whilst connections to surrounding footpath and cycleways will give access to the City centre, Lancaster Canal, Preston Sports Arena and the open country side beyond.
Cottam Hall
On Foot
Pedestrian walkways will be located throughout the site and on the canal tow-path. The City Centre would be a 15 minute walk.

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By Cycling
Cycle access to the site will be enhanced
with the connection of Preston’s existing
cycle network.

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By Car
Access to the main site would be off Tom Benson Way, which is five minutes from the M55 / M6 Motortways.

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By Bus
Bus access to the development will be easy as the Bus orbital route would run through the site.

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By Bus
Train access to Preston and the surrounding areas.

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Preston Connections
North West

- Geographical
centre of Britain
North West Region
- Focal point in motorway and railway systems

- Airport at
Manchester (45 mins)
Liverpool (50 mins)
Blackpool (30 mins)

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As England’s newest city and Lancashire’s administrative centre, the City has much to offer. A fantastic transport network that could take you anywhere in the world, it is also home to one of the fastest growing Universities in the UK : the University Sports Arena is 10 minutes on foot from the Cottam Hall. With a thriving and expanding economy, Preston is also a major centre for the aerospace industry.

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